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Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are some of the frequently asked questions, if you are having any problems in accessing any of the content on the site please go through the following FAQ section.

(Note: You need the last Real Player to listen to the new songs. Please download the free Real 10 Player from here)

I am getting the error "Methods Missing" when loading the Jukebox. (NEW!!!)

On some firefox browsers the "Methods Missing" error has been reported. Reinstalling Real Player seems to fix this issue. Please visit ( to install the free realplayer.

I am unable to open the Jukebox for songs and videos. Why? (NEW!!!)

The most common culprit for this type of error is Norton Internet Security. It prevents the Javascript code for the Jukebox from loading up. In order to load the Jukebox you will have to disable Pop-up-Blocking feature on Norton AntiVirus. This can be done as follows:

1) Open Norton Internet Security Console
2) Double Click on Norton Anti Span
3) Click on
Ad Blocking
4) Turn off Ad Blocking

We understand that Pop-up-Blockers are essential and thus we recommend you use Google Toolbar with popup blocker as it works much better than Norton Internet Security and does not block non malicious javascripts such as those which are needed to launch the Jukebox. You can download the Google Toolbar with Popup Blocker from the following link: Download Google ToolBar


I am unable to listen to any of the songs. Why?

You most probably do not have Real Player installed. In order to listen to the songs and take full advantage of the content on the site, you need to have Real One player installed. You can download it for free from the following link: Click here to download free Real One Player


I have Real Player but I still can’t listen to the songs. Why?

Is your Real Player configured to play through any firewalls you might have? Additionally some ISP's, especially those in the Middle East, have a proxy. You will need to configure Real Player to play through the proxy. For instructions on how to do this please click here. For any other errors related to Real Player please click on the following link

Why am I unable to download the songs?

All songs are copyrights of their artists and record labels. acts as an on-demand radio station. We stream the songs and promote the artists, and also protect their work as we do not allow free song downloads unless otherwise authorized by the artists themselves. It is crucial that we recognize the need to support artists and record labels by buying their albums. The Pakistani Music industry is experiencing a boom today as numerous new and upcoming talents have kick started the otherwise stagnant Pakistani Pop/Rock music industry. It is up to us to support their work and make sure that this surge of talent is not short lived. Remember that taking out an album is not just the work of the artist alone; there are many people involved in making an album successful and this is the livelihood of many. We urge you to please support the artists, record labels and every one associated with the music industry by buying albums.

Please support the artists, record labels and every one associated with the Music Industry by buying Albums.

Can I contribute to the site?

Certainly! If you would like to help us promote an artist or new releases by artists, or if you would like to share any Video clips that you might have, you can contact us at We will give you full credit for your contribution to


How do I add a Lyric?

Locate the song you want to add lyrics for. A simple way would be to go to the "Music" link on menu on the top of the page and then click on "Artists." You will now get a page with an alphabetical listing of all Pakistani singers. To select the exact song you have lyrics for, click on the corresponding artist’s name and view the artist's collection of songs. Click on the Lyrics button (a small icon with two pages); this takes you to a page where you can write the lyrics and submit them. Once you have written the lyrics, click the "Add Lyric to Database" button. You will get a confirmation that your contribution has been sent to the administrator for review before it is put up on the site.


Why do you have so many popups and adverts on your site? is a self funded site. Maintaining and streaming a large collection of audio and video material over high bandwidth to a vast audience is extremely expensive. We stream over 1.5 Terabytes of bandwidth a month and we have over 4 dedicated servers for this purpose. This is pretty expensive stuff! We encourage people to help support by advertising on it but we haven’t been very successful so far in acquiring ads from Pakistani businesses. We really have no choice left but to resort to displaying banner ads which include pop-ups so that we can keep this site up and running and cover at least half of our monthly costs. If you know of any Pakistani businesses willing to advertise on please let us know so we can try to limit the use of pop-ups and make your surfing experience much more pleasant, and so that we can also try to keep the site running successfully.


I am having problems with creating or using the MuziqCD?

After you have created your account, you can simply sign in by typing in your ID and your password in their respective fields. Once you’re logged in to your account, you can browse the site for songs of your choice. Just locate your favorite songs and start adding them to your MuziqCD. The songs will need to be added individually by clicking on the "Add to MuziqCD" option which you will find next to every song on If this is your first MuziqCD, a small window will appear and ask you to name your MuziqCD. Name your MuziqCD and hit the "Submit" button. You can close this window now. The next time you want to add a song, just click on the "Add to MuziqCD" option situated next to all songs. A small window will appear; this time it will have a drop-down menu listing any existing MuziqCD(s) that you may have already created. You can add the song to any one of the MuziqCDs listed in the drop-down menu, or you can create a new MuziqCD by clicking on the "Or click here to create a new CD" option.

You can create multiple MuziqCDs, and you get to decide what goes in and what goes out!

If you have any other questions or just want to stop by and say hi please use our feedback form to contact us. We thank you for your continued support of



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